06 '18

A just-released book, INNOCENTS LOST, exposes one of the hidden flaws of the American criminal justice system- how police interrogate suspects.   INNOCENTS LOST relates in astonishing detail one of the most infamous murder cases in San Diego County, the Crowe Murder Case. In the eyes of many, the crime was never solved due to…


07 '15

Many of our clients are calling with questions regarding their  college bound students. Here are a few of the questions we have received and our reply.   My daughter does not own a car.  Should I keep her on my auto policy if she is away at college?   Many parents remove their college bound…


07 '15

Summer is in full swing here at Hamilton & Associates, APC, and we would like to give you some tips on how to avoid pressure from Door to Door Salesmen and how to hire safe and trusting contractors for your summer home improvement projects. We want you to avoid being pressured into unwanted or unneeded…

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Hamilton & Associates, APC is a full service law firm in Southern California specializing in personal injury matters, criminal law/defense, corporate/business law, HOA governance and disputes, wills and trusts, and more. We are committed to serving our clients with effective representation, affordable counsel, and positive results. Our experienced and professional team of lawyers will work side by side with you to strategize the most aggressive and ideal plan for settling your case. If you believe you have a personal injury case, we can help you resolve it with either an informal settlement or formal lawsuit. If you need a criminal law/defense attorney, we will help you select the best type of criminal law defense to quickly and easily resolve your case. If you’re in need of corporate/business law counsel or advice, trust our expert corporate and business law experts to resolve your issue, whether it deals with titles, guarantees, partnerships, or something else related to corporate/business law. If you’re in need of someone to help with you HOA governance and disputes, no matter which side you’re on, our attorneys can assist you in resolving your HOA governance and disputes as quickly as possible. If you need assistance with wills and trusts, whether in their creation, amending, or interpretation, Hamilton & Associates, APC can help. Our entire staff seeks to assist you as best we can by offering guidance, counsel, and representation in several matters of law, including personal injury, criminal law/defense, corporate/business law, HOA governance and disputes, and wills and trusts. We serve all of San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, El Centro, Orange, Temecula, and Murrieta.